Nicknames were very popular in my family. My dad’s was “Sambo or Bo” among his brothers, “Sweet” to my mother and “Papaw” to my children. Daddy’s father was “Buster”. His half-brothers – Jack (flop), Billy (Son), Dennis was “D. T.”, but Joe was just “Joe”.  I was “JimDoogin” to my Aunts and “Bimmie” to my Mom, “Stick” to all my friends and “Canary” to all my enemies.  (I was called “Jungle Jim” and “Nayatahn” by my students in Bryan and ‘Hitler” by my step-daughter). To her sisters, Mother was “MottieTobb”. My Cousins, on my Mom’s side, were “Ollie Ott” (Charles Wyatt and his mother Valma, was “Honey”), “Tinkle” (Ruth Catherine) and “Skeezix” (Rev. Morris Shepherd Tabb). (Strangely enough, all these cousins celebrated birthdays in February, as well as my Dad, my Son and myself. “Tinkle” and I were born on the same day.)  Within my own children, the nicknames are still used: Martha is “Mahdain”, Steven is”Teebin”, An d’Lis is “D’Booie” and Jeanlizabeth is “NeeniePoo”.  All my girls were born either in April or May. My first dogs had special names given by Daddy. “Tippie” was my first Fox Terrier and Rowdy was called “WeeWee” for obvious reasons, much to the disdain by my Mom. (Both were poisoned by neighbors). I must share our experience with all the pets later, but as you can see, Nicknames abound around, all around.  Just thinking about them is like a ‘family reunion’, donchaknow.  Memories blessed by a Loving GOD.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.    AMEN























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