My Gratitude to the “Righteous”

I have the greatest appreciation for the Righteous.  I know that I am not one, so I can step back and consider just what they have done for America. Since only GOD knows the heart, HE is the only one who can identify them.  You and I, or should I just say, I, can’t say for certain who ‘they’ are, but there are those with whom I have had contact that I would think they are.  Since I am unsure, here is how I would describe a Righteous person:

  • Totally humbled to the will of GOD.
  • Above reproach, even at home.
  • Consumed by the fire of worship, all the time.
  • Discreet in the treatment of all other.
  • Totally attuned to the voice of GOD.
  • Under close scrutiny and cleansing of the heart.
  • Praying without ceasing.
  • Seeking GOD’s face in every decision.
  • Loving, without reservaton, of all others.
  • Harvesting souls comes first in their mind.

There must a few of these Righteous Souls.  Otherwise, this nation would be a misty memory, donchaknow.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.     AMEN

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