Foo Paw

I see there is a very close scrutiny of statements by our presidential candidates.  The latest was Donald’s quote from scripture at Liberty University.  Instead of announcing his choice of verse, instead of ‘second’ Corinthians, he said, ‘two’ Corinthians.  That raised a big red flag all over the place.  A good Presbyterian would certainly know the proper way to identify a verse in Corinthians-First or Second. The whole thing reminded me of my many gaffes while broadcasting.  My first was on KPDN in Pampa. Mead’s Fine Bread bought a quickie just as we made our station breaks at the top of the hour.  Their slogan was, “Always demand the Best in Bread, Mead’s Fine Bread, the time is—-“.  I was running a second or two behind, so hurriedly I transposed the Be with the Br…ouch…however the reponse was surprising, the advertising agency got so many hillarious calls, they suggested  that I be more careful, next time. Another was for another quickie at a station break for Schiltz Beer. Instead of , “The next time you go shopping, buy Schlitz”.  I, again, got the whole thing wrong, “The next time you go shlopping ask for……..” While doing doing a break on Channel Three in Bryan, I did two doozies. I’m from East Texas, donchaknow, and the doggone things were “Vyeena” sausages. In a grocery store add, I said it like it always had been. The engineer fell off his chair and I could hear him laugh through double glass windows. Bummer. Then at the same place, for Beverly Braley’s Exclusive Ladies Ready to Wear spot, I said, ‘Chick’ instead of “Sheek”.  That also brought the house down. In Vegas  I was announcing an event at a local Horseman’s Park. I called it ‘dressage’ instead of DreSahje.  The person in charge kindly corrected me. My comment about the poem “Trees” embarrassed, I was corrected when I congratulated Joyce Kilmer  for ‘her’ great poem…Joyce be a man. All I can say is that I learn quickly and got away from sounding too ‘East Texasie’, even though I be one, donchaknow.  So, Donald is in good company. What surprises me is that I was inducted into the Nevada Broadcasters Hall of Fame in 2001.  So there is Grace abounding somewhat, somewhere, sometimes, but not as good as GOD’s Grace!  This clearing-of-the-air comes from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

4 thoughts on “Foo Paw

    • Maybe so, but you can’t prove that by a Texan. I am moving into an Assisted Living facility in Longview, Texas on the 4th of February. Susan will remain and do her quilting business, near her daughter and family. I will continue to blog, so keep visiting. I’ll share more when settled in Texas.


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