Spook would fetch

I just read a news item about a huge house cat named Spock.  It sounded like one we had in Vegas.  Spook, too, was a Main Coon. Spook was rather large and wild looking, but Spook was just simply unconcerned, not dangerous.  She didn’t approve of our Pom, Prince, nor did she have anything to do with our Siamese, Pearle.  Her big thing was to fetch a length of elastic in which my mother had tied a knot.  It was Spook’s favorite toy and was quite often a present laid on my chest in the middle of the night.  The first time, I tossed it into the hall outside our bedroom, only to have it returned to my chest. I played fetch with Spook for just a few tosses and she would then take it downstairs to play. Spook was supposed to be my step-daughter’s pet, but she preferred me.  I think cats and birds look for the one person who really doesn’t like cats or birds, and make them their target.  We also had a cockatiel bird named “Rainbow”, who loved tortilla chips and clipping Pearle’s whiskers. Somewhere I have a picture of Pearle sleeping with a paw over her nose. She continued to sleep that way, even after Rainbow was no more.  Incidentally, Rainbow was supposed to be a male talker, but laid an egg once…’twas a puzzlement. If any of you have ever had a Main Coon, I bet you could tell some interesting tales.  I believe GOD made pets to teach us things.  Cats, to teach individuality, dogs to teach loyalty and birds to make us glad they stay and poop outside.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

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