The IRS “R” on US

Just this past week, I received four phone calls on our unlisted phone, from some lady threatening me with a lawsuit by the IRS.  I was told that I had to call a 204 area code number and follow instructions or else.  Each time the area code was the same, but the last 7 digits differed.  I had received such a call over a month ago and after having ‘up-close-and-personal’ experience with the Feds, I admit to a jump in blood pressure .  After hanging the phone up, I thought, “The IRS never ‘called’ me on the phone, they just sent an obviously notice with federal markings all over the envelope.  So I visited my browser and found that the scam was not uniquely my own.  I had a relative, by marriage, who retired from supervisory capacity at the IRS.  I attempted to discuss the bureau with him a few times, but he simply looked far away and continued smoking his pipe.  Indifference with an attitude of superiority would best describe Bill.  My first encounter was with a Federal Marshall with a big white cowboy hat, knocking on my door in Bryan. He had a document in his hand and said, “I am here to collect the $49.55 you owe the IRS.”  I had no idea just what the procedure was, but I recovered by asking, “May I see the notice?  We never received one.”  He backed up an said, “I must be at the wrong house, please excuse me, sir.”  And I did. While living in Vegas, our Hilton Hotel paycheck was ‘seized’ by the IRS in an attempt to collect  back taxes which I knew I owed and had been in negotiation with the IRS to pay.(things were not as accelerated then as today)  We immediately called the number and person with whom I was dealing and the funds were released. That case had been going on for years. My first ‘summons’ was while living in Houston. I was given a time to discuss ‘my file’ with an agent in nearby Hempstead, Texas. When I arrived, on time, I was told, “Have a seat”.  I had that seat for over 40-minutes and when summoned to a cubicle, I was asked, “What brought you to this office, today?”  I didn’t respond as I wished.  I simply said, “It must be a mistake if you don’t know”.  I left.  So, when I got my first threat, I had reason to be alarmed.  I believe the IRS to be a horse racing full-speed with the reins trailing and me hanging on the saddle horn, praying very seriously.  I believe GOD will take care of THEM, in every way. (I am changing my address to an old tenthouse in the woods with a dog, two white horses, two black horses and old oily rags) That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

One thought on “The IRS “R” on US

  1. Jim,

    ‘Better be careful: with those horses, you’re likely to be visited by animal control, PETA, and the HSUS. They’ll be accompanied by the EPA with warrants for your arrest for polluting the environment with the oily rags. There’ll probably also be a staff of medical assistants to make sure you’re not too far along with that ‘box of chocolates’ for your own protection from the excess sugar and caffeine. Oh, they’ll probably also be accompanied by a full-fledged anti-terrorism SWAT Team. (Just in case you decided to get violent with them!) They’re all ‘just trying to help’, you know!



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