Now it’s watching ” Johnny FALL”

There seems to be a bunch of folks who never did anything dumb or bad. They are mostly sitting in some studio, wearing thousand-dollar-suits with teleprompters, expounding on the mistakes of others, and liking it.  Not but two years ago, the entire sportsworld was in awe of a young athlete wearing a big “2” on his jersey, who along with his young college team, became a legend, over night.  Superlatives were created by the media and immediately he was projected into the most prestigious group of college athletes in the world. He was not Johnny Manziel anymore, but Johnny Football.  He was bigger than life and his excitement generated billions of dollars of improvement of the sports facility at Texas A&M University.  He immediately was the favorite to win the Heisman Trophy and become the first Freshman to do so. His play in the Aggie-Crimson Tide game, solidified the whole deal and Johnny Manziel/Johnny Football became Johhny Heisman.  He probably should have stayed another year at Aggieland, but decided to enter the NFL draft along with his favorite wide receiver, Mike Evans.  He did some dumb things and with all the media’s 24/7 coverage, it became big news. His value was not as it should have been and even though selected late in the first round, it didn’t have the hype or thrill I expected.  Now, after still another mistake or two, this once heroic football player is being treated like a pariah.  I really do not think the whole Cleveland Brown organization was in favor of the choice.  I do know that the media has just about done what Dandy Don Meredith once described and “Stick a fork in’em, he’s done”!  Shame on folks who take great pride in watching the stars fall.  I feel very badly for a bunch of men who throw themselves into the professional arena with a bulls eye on their backs, especially do I feel for the young ones who fail to hear the warnings of those who have been there. Maybe it’s hard to hear their  good advice with all the negative shouted by all the rest of us.  I do think that somewhere, back in their younger days, a bit more mentoring by parents would perhaps have saved all the pain.  GOD bless those with talent with more “Spieth-like” home life.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.    AMEN

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