No Rather

While a student at Sam Houston State University (Teacher’s College, back then) I knew Dan Rather fairly well.  He and I were both interested in radio broadcasting and spent time taping college games and critiquing each other at Bobbitt’s Cafe.  Dan always said that he would ‘make it’ and ]he did.  When hurricane Carla hit the Texas’ Gulf Coast, Dan took a cameraman to Galveston and strapped them both to a light pole on the sea wall. As the storm approached Dan Rather made broadcast history.  The viewing by CBS television resulted in 44 years at that major broadcasting entity.  Beginning compiling news for Walter Cronkite, Dan did some stand-up reporting and filled in on the desk when the ‘main man’ was away.  When Walter retired, the mantel was handed to Dan Rather.  His editorial report of President George W. Bush’s being  AWOL while serving in the National Guard caused quite a furor, resulting in his dismissal by CBS.  Dan stands firm on the facts of that report, but realizes that the methods left him open to the action.  He now has an interview program on cable and is just as capable as ever.  Even though he will not recall our time together, he will probably recall that we dated the same girl.  That’s what I get from my Box of Chocolates.  For Dan Rather and all the other men and women who dared to do the daring, I pray good health and peace.  AMEN

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