A Jury of Millions’ Decision

Instant intrusive invasive internet is convicting, even before a trial convenes.  John Grisham’s big hit novel, “The Runaway Jury” can’t hold a candle to the real thing.  I do every effort to not watch so called “inside information”, but it is totally impossible.  We are inundated with violence, mayhem and personal business that only incites gossip and prejudice.  It’s enough to have a run on electric fences and lasers. Most of the folks involved simply would prefer to keep it quiet, but there will always be the poor souls looking for their ten minutes of fame.  I had a period of time when involved in newscasts, but I would never ram a mic into the face of anyone. “SCOOPING” is for “POOP”.  Enough of “Toilet Television”, donchaknow.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  “In Times Like These, We Need a Savior!”   AMEN

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