Too Many Bonehead Decisions From The Top

Dallas deserves better than they’re getting.  The last time the Cowboys won it all was before Jerry Jones took over as Head Coach.  The best Christmas the  Boys could  have had in 2015 would have been one less Jerry under the tree.  Jones may be a super-smooth wheeler-dealer, but he will never be a successful football genius.  It  is pitiful to see the football team fail, year after year, regardless who is called “coach” due to the fact that the Owner makes all the calls and answers all the questions. It is my opinion that if Jones would stay away from the media and take care of the business side of his Cowboys, we might have a few more ‘W’s”.  I know I’m not the only one who would like to see the team totally in control of the coaching staff.  I find it reprehensible that the man who signs the checks can’t see it too. Jerry Jones deserves more respect as a successful owner than to be considered ‘Jerry the Joke’. ‘Tis a puzzlement.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   LORD, an epiphany if you please!  AMEN

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