Oxiclean isn’t new

Infomercials fascinate me.  I wish I had thought of them first, but alas..  There is one that promises to make anything soiled, totally clean and that brought to mind the phrase ‘totally clean’.  I have not checked, but I would think there is a ‘however’ clause in its promise.  Then I thought, but there is one “Oxiclean” that will TOTALLY and ETERNALLY clean every stain or soil from every soul at no charge, GUARANTEED! It isn’t found in an Infomercial nor is it available at Walmart.  You could find the source on the internet, but I can save you time and trouble by quoting JESUS, “I have come to save that which is lost”.  Lost means soiled by sin and that’s all of us who haven’t taken the HIM up on HIS offer.  To be squeaky clean, accept HIM as your personal Savior and follow HIM.  Regardless of the garbage you walk through in life, HIS Oxiclean will make you whiter than snow, forever.  That’s what I get in my Box of Chocolates.    AMEN

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