Financial Disclosure

I inherited one trait of my father that ticks me off!  I am not a businessman.  My Dad was a great contractor who never made much money.  He built excellent houses, many carry a Texas State Historical Marker, he simply gave more that he got.  He built our first house on Arkansas Street in the late 30’s.  I remember coming in from school to find my mother crying for the second time.  The first was when Will Rogers and Wiley Post were killed in a plane crash, but this one was much worse.  The bank foreclosed on that house and it was many years before he could build our last house.  Until Mattie T took over the financials, we were simply not well off, at all.  If it weren’t for my children, my wife and my Social Security, I’d be sitting on a  plastic bucket at a high volume traffic corner with a cardboard sign that read, “Please Help, I’m Hungry and Homeless.  God Bless”.  A true success story, donchaknow.  Now, I can’t allow you to think it was bad growing up. I never knew we were less well-off than all my friends.  Their folks could afford to give them money enough for tickets to our Saturday Westerns at The Texan Theater, a soda pop and popcorn, but they didn’t. My parents did.  I had one friend whose family lived in a sort of compound with his grandparents.  They had a private swimming pool and a hunting lodge with a pool table and other games.  I had another buddy whose father would take us to ball games and theme parks.  One of my friends had his own car and we could drive over to Pittsburg, Texas and bowl or find some girls who could kiss. I had it pretty good.  I was a spoiled brat who never was required to do chores, nor did I ever feel embarrassed for wearing hand-me-down clothes from my cousin.  At least until the year he came to live with us.  He was in High School and was the friend of the son of my Cub Scout Troop.  He took great joy in pointing out that I was wearing his old pants and shirt to anyone who would listen.  I had some difficulty with that experience, yet the feeling of shame was so new, it didn’t really bother me.  Those clothes came from Neiman Marcus and they were much better than those worn by my buddies. (Charles Maynard Wyatt didn’t come to a very satisfactory end and that breaks my heart.)  After Mattie Tabb Austin took over our finances things settled down considerably.  Things got better around here since ‘we’ made the same change.  GOD sure is smart, donchaknow.  Along with Forgiveness through Mercy and Grace, HE has the perfect match for us all. Thank GOD, for that!  AMEN

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