Call Waiting

I think outgoing messages on a home phone are fine. Some are very creative. I just wish folks would hit the stop right after their message so there would’t be a delay of the ‘beep”.  But that’s the end of my tolerance. There is a TV commercial that shows the frustration of the business practice of computerized customer service. It is disgusting t0 have to select “English” when this is AMERICA!  Then comes this computer generated voice that has me go through a bunch of “for…press…” and none have to do with my problem or call.  If there must be a ‘cost-cutting-computer-customer-service, why don’t they first ask “to speak to a customer service representative, Press ONE?” if I had a business, that’s what I would do. AND, whatever the ‘options’ may be, I would finally end the cost-cutting-computer-generated-customer-service with”For Spanish go learn English and call again”. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

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