Thoughts resulting from Quiet Time

These opinions are generated during Meditation over GOD’s Word:

  • My Understanding of Scripture depends on the time spent there.
  • The most I can expect out of GOD is that of HIS will.
  • Have we gone too far by featuring Little League, high school and Pop Warner football on network sports channels?
  • Too many parents think the old spiritual, “Children, go where I send you” means it’s OK, instead of taking.
  • GOD, being omnipotent, knew exactly when we would, by our own free will, accept the gift of Salvation.
  • We must never relinquish our right to “free will”.
  • Can a Politician be totally honest?
  • Obedience is a most difficult mindset.
  • Honesty is best perceived through the eyes of others, yet action with a Clear Heart could be the exception.
  • No human is right all the time, but ‘right’ is always right.
  • One-hundred Percent is the perfect score regardless of conflicting opinion.
  • The proof of GOD is revealed by FAITH.

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