Daily meditation in GOD’s WORD stirs up some interesting thoughts.  Well, they are of interest to me.  Susan mostly looks at me with that “you’ve gotta be kidding” look, so I’ll throw some out for you  to peruse.  Feel free to leave your comments or thoughts on these and any others you may wish to share.

  • My understanding Scripture depends on the time spent there.
  • The most I can expect out of GOD is that of HIS WILL.
  • Have we gone too far featuring Little League and Pop Warner on prime-time telecasts?
  • Too many parents think the old Spiritual, “Children, go where I send you” means it’s OK, instead of “take”.
  • GOD, being Omnipotent, knew exactly when or if we would, by our own free will, accept the gift of Salvation.  HE did nothing more than allow.
  • We must never, NEVER, relinquish our right of “Free Will”.
  • Is there such a thing as total honesty in Politics?

I believe we all struggle with ‘too much too soon’ to a certain degree, but it seems to take a much heavier toll on our young.  All these ponderings lead me to prayer, donchaknow.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. AMEN





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