Do you hear what I hear?

Do you listen to what office seekers are saying?  Do you assess what they ‘do’ after they ‘say’?  Do they answer questions succinctly and specifically?  Do you hear what I hear?  Instead of slight-of-hand, we get slight-of-mouth.  Regardless of Party preference,  our Democratic candidates are treated much more kindly than those who represent the Republican Party.  To me it is so very obvious, yet thousands cheer, soak up the rhetoric and walk away perfectly satisfied with what was said.  Now, just to be clear, I have the same criticism of ‘all’ of our present candidates when it comes to clear, concise answers.  It’s enough to simply turn-off the whole mess.  If you glean something firm to stand on, then I must be too dense to perceive it.  What I do get is that by their own admission, each one is a perfect fit and the other folks simply fell off the turnip truck on their heads.  So, we can listen all we want and be disgusted or entertained, but when it comes to the final decision, we will be forced to settle for political compromise.  It’s like riding a rocket into space that has been built on the low bid.  I do know, “He’s got the whole world in HIS hands and doesn’t have ‘dropsy”.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.    AMEN

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