Smart Guns

Since no gun will jump out of a holster or where ever, and start killing, all by itsself and since a person must be holding it to do so and since there has been no way to really control the whole ‘shootin’ match’, here is one statement from an article I found on the internet:

Gun control has become an increasingly debated topic in the wake of the recent shootings in Newtown, Conn (and elsewhere). But as Nick Bilton of The New York Times reports, utilizing biometrics and grip pattern detection could help prevent guns from ending up in the wrong hands.  For example, the Mossberg Group’s iGun can detect if the registered owner is holding the gun, and only allow that person to fire it.

So why aren’t they built into every gun sold?


That’s a pretty good question and it makes me wonder just why there has not been more discussion about it.  First off, it would put all those ‘Gun Shows’ out of business and it is most especially a ‘squelch’ by the NRA, but will all the rhetoric and waste of legislative time, why not?  That’s what I get from my  Box of Chocolates, donchaknow.  ‘Tis NO puzzlement, at all.

If it makes sense, let’s pray about it!    AMEN

One thought on “Smart Guns

  1. Jim,
    Perhaps they will take off when the US Secret Service places the first order for them! (Remember the agent who left his firearm unattended a couple of weeks ago?) Who will be responsible for determining the “authorized ” user of the weapon? Hopefully not our government, which can’t even secure it’s own computer data base. Do you remember the data breach at the Office of Personnel Management, USPS personnel and internal records files, and a few others within the federal government. If they can be hacked, so can any other computer controlled file.
    The weapons sold at gun shows are seldom if ever involved in crimes. Perhaps instead of saying ‘reduce gun violence’ we should be saying stop violence by any means. Also bear in mind that the statistics quoted in ‘gun violence’ incidents also include the perpetrator as a ‘victim’.
    Another fallacy is that guns can be bought and sold over the internet: all new firearm transactions involving anything other than black powder firearms must be made through a licensed Federal Firearms License Holder who must maintain a lifetime of transaction records. The sales recorded in “Operation Fast and Furious” were flagged by legitimate FFL dealers who were directed by the Department of Justice to allow the sales to go through. This resulted in an undisclosed number of deaths including American Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.


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