But, wait!


I intended to take a break, thinking it would be good to leave a few days in the  hands of those of you who wade with me.  As you can see, my urge to share, however illicit and mundane, is my only way to witness of the Truth.  I attended our Christmas Eve Service at our neighborhood Harvest Community Church and while reading Luke’s account of JESUS’ birth, I was hit with this thought: “JESUS was, before HE was born”.  The first words from GOD to us said that, “In the Beginning was the Word and the Word was GOD.”  That’s pretty wondrous.  The man, who is my Savior, was our Creator-our GOD-our HOPE-our JOY-our MASTER and then became flesh.  HE didn’t leave GOD and the HOLY SPIRIT in Heaven; HE WAS GOD and the SPIRIT.  Well, now that’s a stretch since GOD was both places, donchaknow.  At any rate, if GOD is all-powerful; if GOD/JESUS/HOLY SPIRIT are Omnipotent, then it only makes sense to bow down and worship in total obedience to the Author and Finisher of Our Faith.  I wrote that much of the joy and happiness of Christmas ends when the cheerful wrapping of our gifts goes into the garbage bag, but that doesn’t have to be the case.  I have experienced some dark valleys in the last few days before Christmas. I have lost friends; I have suffered a slight reversal in health; I have experienced a frightening two days of concern for a Member of our Clan (who has recovered enough to participate in our Clan’s Christmas Eve Celebration) and some other stuff, but through it all, I clutched the slippery slope of the mountain GOD placed for my own good. I’ve come through and though a bit bruised, will survive, GOD willing. When I wrote about the dark valley, I had no expectation of walking it, but Praise GOD, my Faith has not failed me.  I am closer to HIM now than ever before.  I take this from my Box of Chocolates with joyful anticipation of what the future road will be like.  HE came, HE won, HE will continue to LOVE and FORGIVE all of us, donchaknow.  Now, what better choice from our Box of Chocolates can there be?  Our theme going further, should be: “In times like these, we need a Savior! In times like these, we need an Anchor and that Anchor hold from a Solid Rock named JESUS.” Aren’t you glad that JESUS LOVES us?               AMEN

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