Nothing to It, But to DO IT

This is My Father’s World.  HE was just sorta hangin’ out with two other spirits for a long, long time.  Then one day HE decided to fill the void.  HE didn’t lift a finger, but just said, “Do It”, and  it all got done.  Every tree and flowering bush; every creepy, crawling thing; every swimming and flying thing was created with words. HE placed stars and the sun and the moon up there after creating day and night.  HE spoke the earth to be formed before placing any thing on it.  HE decided to make a man.  This man was perfect and designed to worship and fellowship with HIM.  The man loved and cared for his surroundings, and was given the opportunity to name all the animals, even the creepy crawlers, swimming and winged creatures. HE decided to provide a ‘helpmate’ for the man, so he put the man to sleep and took one of his ribs and formed a most lovely lady.   HE was very pleased and so HE rested a while.  Then something bad happened.  There was a beautiful snake hanging out in the neighborhood.  He was very persuasive and got the woman to do bad.  She then cuddled up to the man and got him to do bad, also.  These two immediately saw that they were walking around naked, so they went out and took large leaves from a tree and made a garment to cover their bodies.  HE came out for their afternoon stroll and they were hidden.  Sheepishly, they came from behind a bush and HE knew right away just what they had done.  What HE intended for an eternal fellowship was interrupted from then on.  HE called their mistake SIN and it’s been around, causing all kinds of tragedies, for all time.  It will continue to be that way for the rest of the days, but there is HOPE.  We live in difficult times.  Those times will not get better.  The majority of people blame my FATHER, but HE only wants everyone to receive a change of heart.  The way to do so isn’t possible without accepting the GIFT of SALVATION.  We all pray for safety and absolute security from the few bad folks who are determined to hurt us.  We demand that those who are responsible for our protection, do so without fail.  When things happen that are bad, we want to blame our protectors.  Our protectors accept responsibilty all the time.  Our protectors are just as much in danger as we are.  Nothing can assure our security. There is no guarantee.  OK, I know this isn’t something we want to think about at this time of the year, but as we approach the Christmas Season, it behooves all believers to share the secret of eternal security.  Should I be the victim of some horrible event. I rest, secured in the HOPE of eternal life in JESUS CHRIST.  No kidding!  That simple change of heart and surrender to the JESUS WAY will make things much brighter, even when walking through the dark.  So, “Why not, why not, why not come to HIM now?”  Why would anyone with any ounce of smarts, not accept the free gift of GOD?  Why NOT?  Don Meredith would  say this back when he was doing color on “Monday Night Football”…If IF’s and BUT’s were candy and nuts, we’d all have  a Merry Christmas.  They aren’t and we wont, unless we allow the reason for the season to come into our hearts to stay.  (follow the directions in John 3:16) That’s what I get from My Box of Christmas Chocolates”.  “There’s Room at the Cross for You”, so Come on, Man!  AMEN

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