But, Why?

Knowing this,that the trying of your faith worketh patience.” – James 1:3

We ask, “Why did this terrible thing occur?”.  “Why did?”  “Why?”  Some would say it’s because of something we did.  James seems to tell us it’s because of something we will do.  “Trying our faith” must be GOD’s way of making us more like HE would have us to be.  I know impatience is my stumbling block.  Arrogance of spirit brings about false importance. I do not drive, so when we go anywhere, my wife does the driving.  I usually am waiting..not very patiently…in the car.  She ‘runs in for just a minute’ and I stew as I being to count minutes after half-an-hour.  Those ‘trials of faith’ result in the realization of how patient she is when waiting for me to do something right, like fold clothes, vacuum the floors or clear the mess in my office-corner.  It’s like the old hymn says, “Trials dark on every hand and I cannot understand…but we’ll understand it better, by and by”. So, this is the “by and by” I get from my Box of Chocolates.  GOD Bless. AMEN

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