Taking ‘Back’ What Is Ours

It is rumored that Power Brokers, meeting in a private room, may ignore the ‘will of the people’ at the upcoming GOP Convention.  We are all opposed to ‘business as usual’ in Washington and we have an unusual choice of candidates.  These power brokers are terrified that the grass roots furor of the majority of Americans may propel someone into the Whitehouse that hears the beat of a different drum. The three that frighten the ‘machine’ the most are a lady, a retired surgeon and a bombastic mogul.  This secret strategy could simply steamroll the most comfortable candidate, who will not rock the boat,  by simply ignoring the will of the people.  So, if this is true, we will continue to be subjected to ‘business as usual’ with more regulations and invasions into our lives by ‘experienced’ politicians. Even though this trick hasn’t been perpetrated in decades, it is a possibility. This is worse than ‘buying’ the office (which also must be stopped!)   The one most like John Wayne, Jack Reacher or Dirty Harry will be my choice as President of the United States and the “other of the inexperienced in politics” should be his/her running mate. Throwing out the whole bunch of experienced governmental politicians appeals to me more and more.  The whole mess can be cleaned up and swept out by listening to ‘that still small voice’ of our Supreme GOD.  If there ever was a time of serious decision, it is now.  Since only GOD can make a tree, may HE chop off the “same old” limbs.  If there ever was a time for ‘corporate prayer’, this is that time.  This is what I Get from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

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