The Elephant in the Room

There are some good things we never forget like riding a bicycle or not touching anything hot or not drying your pet in a microwave.  Then, there are some, not so good, things that we simply will not/can not forget.  They usually just simply ‘feel good’ when brought to mind.  It could be a slur or slight by a loved one or a friend; a bad call in a game; a false accusation by someone; an insult or just about anything else that attacked our ego. At any rate, we ARE the elephant in the room.  We never forget, but what about FORGIVENESS?  “Well”, you say, “What about it?” In studying what JESUS has done for me, I realize my mistake is holding grudge and it is a total waste of energy.  If I am to be ‘Christlike’, aside from all the other short-comings, I must forgive.  It’s like the old Alkaseltzer commercial, “Oh!What a Relief it IS”, to pitch those grudges up and realize they will be caught.  GOD has marvelous hands, donchaknow. FORGIVENESS FREES!  That’s what I get from my Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

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