You Can’t Tell a Book by its Cover

This is probably non-PC, but isn’t it true that the only way we will know a bad guy is for him to do bad?  Isn’t it also true that what is considered normal behavior is different, world-wide?  There’s a lot of rhetoric pertaining to ‘women’s rights’ and here in my house ‘she’ has every right in the world since ‘she’ respects that privilege. She is worthy of that privilege. In some countries they cut off the hand of a thief.  in other places, the women and children eat  after the men.  Religion has turned people into assassins and in all countries, no one can tell who is and who isn’t until too late.  There’s a lot of screaming about “profiling” here in America, but when I don’t know who is a terrorist until he or she terrorizes, how can I not be somewhat skittish?  Intolerance has been going on between races since the beginning.  I grew up in east Texas and everyone was racist, to a certain degree, and they shared distrust of anyone whose skin was a different color.  I remember how people quietly thought ill of some very fine Jewish families. I had kin who were guilty of deeply disliking anyone who wasn’t a member of their Protestant Church.  We were carefully taught by our environment.  Fortunately, my parents were ‘minor’ in their attitude, so I was and am tolerant of any and all, however I am concerned with the question of immigration.  It may be insensitive and unacceptable to have such thoughts, but I have them.  I feel totally at the mercy of those who wish to do us harm.  In all honesty, I can’t tell a radical dog until bitten.  I once bent  down to say hello to a young boy and caught his fist in my eye.  We had guests for Thanksgiving. MAX, our chow/retriever mix loves to eat paper. One of our guests reached down to take some out of MAX’s mouth and drew back  a slightly bitten hand. He is fine now but at the time  his concern was whether MAX had his rabies shot. (he has)  The young man won’t be grabbing something out of the mouth of another dog, I would wager.  We cannot expect to be totally safe and to ‘demand’ such from our protectorate  is illicit.  The best advice is to be diligent and be prepared to either duck or run like the dickens, donchaknow.  The one assurance anyone can count on is that given by a Holy GOD when HE says, “Lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age”. That’s good enough since in HIS company, I have the ultimate security of ‘eternal life’.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  JEHOVAH JIREH!  AMEN

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