Spare the board and spoil the HOA

Things are going so smoothly here in Falcon Ridge HOA that our board has only four members.  Four is not ideal…it’s an EVEN number.  Five would be greater than three, but the past two annual elections have only produced one to serve when we needed two. The last Annual Meeting that had more than just a quorum was one of contention and dissatisfaction. (for a goodly turnout, there must be disgruntled membership)  We are blessed with Directors who are interested only in serving the community, without a personal vendetta.  Of course, the board deals with some who are upset, mostly about the landscapers, but even though we provide time at regular meeting, for “The Board Listens”, we’ve had very little response.  Things are pretty good…now, but complacency is dangerous!  Members of an HOA must be willing to participate in the business of the neighborhood and not just gripe and moan or let someone else do it.  Members who serve must never be motivated by their own preference when that preference opposes the majority.  The secret is to follow the ‘Rules and Regulations’.  Either that or, by majority referendum of the membership, change them.  The power of the board is too great to do otherwise.  By now, you must have tumbled to the fact that yours truly is a board member.  I am impressed with the other members of this board, just as all our neighbors seem to be, but it is lonely without just one more volunteer, donchaknow.  Do Not Let The Other Guy DO IT!  When there is a need, fill it!  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  JESUS said, “Do It For the Least of These”…I say do it for the REST of these.  AMEN

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