The Man From Telephone, Texas

My first day as a teacher at SFA in Bryan was brightened by a robust man from Telephone, Texas.  I was born and raised in East Texas, just south of Paris, but had never heard of the community just outside Paris.  Gayle Todd introduced himself as Gayle Todd from Telephone.  He was loved by the faculty, staff and students.  His wife, Joyce, and his in-laws filled some very important teaching positions.  They were each and every one, keys to success for Bryan Public Schools.  GOD welcomed Gayle Todd from Telephone, Texas, this week.  Telephone, Texas was perfectly named since the only telephone was in the service station/general store on Main street.  I join with many who grieve the loss of a good man and bright light in education.  You can put this on his tombstone: “All who came behind him found him Faithful”, donchaknow.  GOD, please give us more Gayle Todds!   AMEN

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