Feeling Like the Lone Ranger

I see pictures of people riding into  towns on military vehicles, waving black flags and brandishing weapons. There are more people watching and they don’t seem to be concerned. They just seem to accept the demonstration of aggression as common occurrence.  I wonder. “If there are more Islamists than  “radical” Islamists, why do they allow the bad guys freedom to maim and slaughter? It is time for the non-violent to destroy the terrorists  over there, where it all starts, rather than us having to do it.  I look down my quiet street and think, “How wonderful is peace.  The neighbors who are out walking aren’t greeted by terrorists… yet.  These radicals have no limit to their violence, their belief is twisted, but  Islamists who know right from wrong are simply not taking a stand against them.  Even some of their places of worship, here, are also places   inciting hatred of those of another faith. All Faiths must be respected, but toleration must end when the faithful become killers. We must combat those who are determined to end our peaceful safety by crushing them in their own place instead of ours, donchaknow.  The nations of the world have turned the other cheek enough.  It’s time to stand, look the radicals in the eye and say, “You’ve Made My Day”!  That’s what I get from MY Box of Chocolates.  GOD Bless America and the World with some BACKBONE!   AMEN

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