I Love a Mystery

I must be hooked on nostalgia.  I recall growing weary of elders who seemed to only live in the past, but I know why that was back then.  It’s the same reason today.  We never had it so good!  Radio was our entertainment outlet.  A motion picture show  was only a choice on Saturday for the westerns and Sunday for the ‘Epics’.  What was your question? ‘Oh, yes’, the price for a ticket to the western was ten-cents and it cost a whopping quarter to see the Sunday Matinee.  Popcorn was a penney and a big old Hershey Chocolate Bar was a nickle. The western was playing at The Texan and the Sunday movie was at The Martin Theater. My Dad refurbished both.  The only western to play at The Martin was one of Gene Autrey’s.  Gene  and Frog Millhouse made a personal appearance and I was standing just below the banister with my hand on it when he entered and put his hand on mine as he went up the stairs.  I really didn’t wash my left hand for a time.   I love riddles, here’s one from back in those  good old days:

“A very wealthy farmer had a very ugly daughter.  He had a huge apple orchard that had made his very well off.  The orchard covered a bunch of acres.  His daughter was approaching the age of spinsterhood, living at home,  and he preferred otherwise.  He knew he could never expect the young single men to court her, so he posted this announcement on the courthouse bulletin board.

“ATTENTION, All SINGLE Men!  I invite any of you to join my family for a special dinner at which time I will offer a large part of my land and orchard in return for a special favor.  Around 18 young men applied.  As the meal was going on, he said, “You wonder just what the ‘favor’ is, right?  All nodded. “Well, my daughter is at the marrying age and I will give 45 acres and all the trees on it to the one of you who can solve a simple riddle and agree to marry her.”  There was a very loud silence and one by one, they placed their napkins in their plate and left the room. All but three, that is.  The farmer then gave them this instruction:

” I have three gates between this house and the last orchard.  I will give each of you a basket with these simple instructions: you will walk through each gate and pick just enough apples in the last orchard to leave half-the-apples and half-an-apple at the third gate; then half your remaining apples plus half-an-apple at the second gate. And at the last gate, leave half the apples plus half-an-apple and return with only one apple. Oh, by the way, you may not cut an apple in half.  Whoever follows the rules and brings just one whole apple back in his basket wins the hand of my daughter and your reward.”    If you were one of the fellows, how would you solve this riddle?

send a comment-request with your email and I will send the correct answer.  Oh, isn’t this fun?  But, not as much fun as “In the Sweet, Bye and Bye, right?”  Oh, yes…the man in the picture is of your friend.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.

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