Feeling Your Oats

Aside from “Popi’s Scrambled Eggs”, Cream of Wheat or Malt-o-meal, one of my most favorite breakfasts is a steaming bowl of oatmeal with dry wheat toast and slightly creamed coffee.  Added to that I may enjoy orange marmalade on that toast. When the cold weather comes, we eat a lot of oats.  Some of you may be fortunate to live in the days when “Mairzydotes’ndozydotes’n Liddlelambsiedivy” was a popular song. For the educational benefit of you unfortunates, the whole first verse was: mairzydotesendozydotesenliddlelamzydiveyuhakiddleedivytoowudnchoo? It does sound queer and funny to the ear, but it makes sense.  Back in the dark ages, my uncle Ned Austin used to serve a mean, smooth fifteen-cent bowl of oatmeal in his shotgun, six seat cafe in Mount Pleasant, Texas.  He would soak the oats overnight, drain the water off, add a touch of cinnamon and cover the whole mixture with pure milk.  After bringing the whole pot to a boil, he would turn down the heat and let it just simmer.  That big pot of oatmeal didn’t last long, so folks dropped by early. My oatmeal is done the same way. I sweeten it slightly with brown sugar, but I’ve not tried the cinnamon. That overnight soaking does the trick.  I looked up “Feelin’ Your Oats” and find it means being ‘frisky’.  The most popular opinion seems to apply to oats being fed to race horses to give them a boost in energy.  That makes sense, since I do feel a bit ‘frisky’, donchaknow. Try my Uncle Ned’s way, but don’t necessarily make a pot that will serve a bunch of folks, unless you invite your neighbors and family or such for a sleep-over. Cold,left over oatmeal is only good for pets like MAX and MattieT.  When added to their morning dry food, they’re not so frisky, but bark at nothing a lot.  Have you figured it out?  Look it up or wait until tomorrow.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates today.  Regardless of the rocks and ruts in the road, HIS TRUTH keeps marching on!    AMEN

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