It’s My Money and They Want it NOW!

Let’s all enjoy all that’s in our ‘safe’ while we can. When I hear of all the ‘benefits’ promised by the candidates, our worth lessens.  All that ‘free’ money ain’t free, donchaknow.  There will come a day when all the ‘benefits’ doled out will result in a demand for payment and , tragically, the very ones who got it all, free, will be ordered to pay-it-all-back.  ‘Something for Nothing Costs EVERYTHING, for EVERYBODY”! Those of us who have paid and are paying the bills have seen our deficit grow at a rapid pace and after the next election, it could continue, even at a more rapid rate, because those who are feeding at the welfare trough (without contribution to the cost, donchaknow), because they will put another ‘Guarantor’ in the White House.  I pray we all come to our senses, humble ourselves, pray and Seek HIS FACE, so that GOD will Hear and Heal our Land!  That’s the only way we can see that our ‘safe’ isn’t empty. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  Wake Up and Get Real, America! AMEN

Pearl Harbor Day!  I remember what happened.  We should never forget how quickly our nation responded and how unselfishly we all served in some capacity.  We need a full dose of unselfishness and patriotism right now!

(OH, by the way, at a recent campaign stop, Hillary was asked, “What is your favorite card game?”  “Bridge”, she replied, “But all hands are bid in NO TRUMP!”)

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