My Carolina Clan plus

Carolina ClanI promised a photo of my Carolina Clan. This is our new Thanksgiving gathering of Susan’s, kin all of whom have adopted me, donchaknow. Taken at Steve and Melanie’s home here in Charlotte, all but three live in the Piedmont.  (Other than ‘Pinkie’, in Seth’s arms, all our pups and Sox, SaraBeth’s cat, were not available)  You will note that the majority are adorned with some sort of Carolina Panther wear.  Decidedly, in the center, you will admire the Authentic Super Bowl Jersey worn by Roger Staubach in the early 70’s (this is not Roger, donchaknow).  Even though the scoreboard dripped zeros and my Boys were outscored by the other guys, we will never be ‘beaten’.  No way, no how.  You will also note the satisfied smiles resulting from the beautiful bounty consumed, Thankfully provided by our Loving GOD.  Each time you look at this picture, realize that there could never be a more divergent group of folks who faithfully follow JESUS’ Eleventh Commandment.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  “Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord, for the things HE has done!” AMEN

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