The Day of the Gun

The daily news is full of reports of gun violence.  The latest, in California, has stirred those who wish to remove firearms, totally.  They call for “Gun Control”.  Isn’t it time for people to wake up to the real cause of all mayhem and violence?  I certainly am not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I believe no amount of legal action will ever totally curtail violent acts by some people.  We are living in the days of wrath.  We are creating our own Hell by failing to do the one simple act of change of heart.  GOD will not be mocked.  He placed you and me on earth to serve HIS purpose for our lives.  He made it challenging by affording each of us “Free Will” and most of us will not abuse that gift by taking innocent lives.  GOD didn’t intend that we kill each other.(that is clearly stated in the Ten Commandments)  Some think it wrong to kill anything, but that could change when our family is hungry. Back in Texas, deer-hunting season is big.  Hunters invade the forests with high-powered rifles, not for food necessarily, but for the ‘sport’ of the kill. In the early 60’s, I was a guest of a man who had a very large bit of wooded area on the first day of the season. I had purchased a Mauser with a scope. I was placed in the most likely blind with an acorn patch just about a hundred yards from my tree house.  I was told to ‘scope’ the large patch and ‘shoot only the one with horns’.  I climbed up into the perch about 30-minutes before dawn.  I fought the urge to climb back down and hurry back to the warm cabin, but I knew that was unmanly, so I got as comfortable as possible and sat quietly, ‘scoping’ the acorn patch. Just as dawn broke I suddenly realized that what I thought to be simply a shadow was a tight group of deer ‘without’ horns.  My heartbeat went into high-gear when right behind the does came a most magnificent creature with a ‘rack’ of antlers.  I got a tight shot of the most beautiful brown eyes and regal head of  the ‘trophy buck’ I had heard stories about. I failed as a hunter that day and never was asked back, but it didn’t really matter. When asked ‘how it went?’, I thought there might be a lynching.  I cared less about the abuse and insults. I could never simply take a ‘trophy’.  I know it would be different were we hungry, donchaknow.  Should our nation totally outlaw firearms, we would still have violence.  It could be with knives or swords or arrows or explosives or poison darts, rocks or fast cars.  There will always be some folks who abuse GOD’s gift of ‘Free Will’. ( I pray that we are not ‘getting used to killing’ with all the ‘action’ video games.) Regardless, folks have been doing bad stuff to other folks for centuries and no amount of laws will change it. It takes a change of heart and that will not happen unless GOD is invited in. We should spend more time talking about, and ‘to’, GOD and JESUS.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  “When JESUS comes, the tempter’s power is broken. When JESUS comes, the tears are wiped away. HE takes the gloom and fills a life with Glory, For all is changed, when JESUS comes to stay”.  I hear HIM knocking.   AMEN

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