I Confess

Even though music has been the center of my life, I do not listen to music while driving or around the house.  I haven’t attended a musical performance (other than the few in which I participated) in years. The last one was by my former students at Northside Christian Academy, performing “Oklahoma”.  My wife has our local Christian FM on our car radio, but I usually turn the volume down.  I love the popular music of the past until the early 80’s, but today’s offerings are of no interest. I am a ‘nostalgia nut’. I see that Sinatra will be featured on a number of television specials in December.  Susan and I had the privilege to attend one of his last performances at the Golden Nugget in Vegas.  “Mesmerizing!” Even in lowered key, this man could still create a masterpiece in phrasing and even though he didn’t have the power, his presence was enough to transmit  class and dignity.  We sat at a table with a couple from back east and, at first, all he did  was  mouth his disappointment.  He shut up when his wife calmed him down, realizing that the other couple at his table was enthusiastically responding to the man and his music.  So, even though I do not own a music library nor have music playing all the time, I do enjoy it upon occasion, like Christmas, and even though I had enough of it growing up in East Texas, I love the ‘old time country and western hits’.  Susan listens to music up in her ‘quilting center’, but all I get is the bass.  I suppose I should come clean and admit that I never watched “Mash” nor “Saturday Night Live”.  I do not care for the comedies of today.  I only watched Seinfeld in re-runs and will probably catch repeats of Johnny Carson.  Finally, I am bored with all the clamor surrounding sporting events. I would prefer the starting line-up followed by the kick-off, fewer replays  and a ‘crawl’ of the final statistics. I also prefer that the National Anthem be performed ‘as written’ instead of all the warbling and vocalization of some of our ‘stars’.  AND, those calling the action should study Kern Tipps, Keith Jackson, Ron Franklin, Pat Summerall and John Madden’s play-by-play (however Troy Aikman ain’t so bad, donchaknow).  News programs should not be run by a computerized clock in order for guests to complete whatever they are saying without abrupt interruption.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates as we approach my favorite time of the year. “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear”.  AMEN

One thought on “I Confess

  1. Jim,

    I have said before, when the music changes so does the moral compass. I will be glad when music changes. Country music moral compass seems to be on track better than most other genres.

    Good Day Jim

    Joe Murphy President Fresh Horizons, LLC Office: 704.489.8314 Cell: 704.728.9704 Fax: 704.489.8316



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