What’s In Your Safe?

William Devane is one of my favorite Actors. He is featured in television commercials that espouse purchase of gold and silver.  His ‘slogan’ is a take-off of Capitol One’s “What’s in your wallet?”  William is very effective in his quiet delivery and persona.  If I were to be in the market, I would certainly consider Lear Capital.  I have learned from personal experience, that there is no guaranteed ‘safety’ for anyone.  Financially nor Physically, there is no safeguard that will totally protect me from crooks or calamity.  I do not fear for my life since it’s guaranteed to end anyway.  I am not listed in Forbes and will most likely not be a target for bad guys.  Every morning I awaken and Thank GOD for His Mercy and Grace, but I do not take the day for granted. I just do not fear death. I do not fear the loss of any earthly possessions,  they aren’t mine anyway since everything belongs to HIM.  The one Truth I can share with those who live in fear for their lives and the loss of ‘stuff’, “No one other than GOD can assure our security!” The Bible says that once we die there is Judgement by HIS microscope and it will not miss one iota of behavior.  GOD is the final Judge and only GOD can determine the sentence for our SIN.  Nothing we can do will save us from eternal damnation, EXCEPT, the ACCEPTANCE of HIS Offer of Mercy, Grace and Forgiveness through the sacrifice of innocent life by JESUS CHRIST!  Every living person who has watched a football game has seen the signs that say,”John 3:16″.  Not everyone has taken time to find out what that means and then read that passage.  It says it all, donchaknow.  It provides the secret of ETERNAL security that everyone is seeking.  It is GOD’s promise and it contains the menu for eternal security of life and that eases my mind and calms my quivers.  It is hard for me to understand why it is so difficult to accept, but it is and that’s too bad. Bad things are going to happen and can happen to any of us, so as the Boy Scouts say, “Be Prepared”, OK?    That is a very large selection from My Box of Chocolate.   AMEN

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