Rough and Ready

Out numbered and out scored, but unbeaten.  We shall never ‘be licked’ ’cause when the going gets rough, the rough gets going.  The heck with torpedoes, full speed ahead.  Bloody, but unbowed.  Standing Tall when all around is falling. Bring ‘it’ on ’cause ‘it’ don’ mek no dif’unce.  I shall never walk alone through an abusive, abrasive bunch of blue and black, but walk proudly, with head high, wearing my number “12” Authentic, Roger Staubach, Super Bowl Jersey and groan quietly as the intense pain of  the ‘crunching’ of our supreme leader.  It was no surprise that Tony took a tumble to the turf.  It had to be difficult to return to the  field after weeks of rehab and throw those other guys  scoring passes, then be slammed to the ground on that same shoulder for a man in his thirties.  The blue and black mob was respectful of my sensitivity, even though they were very loud during the melee.  There are more important things to think about on Thanksgiving than a Dallas Cowboy football game, but ever since there is a hole in the roof of the stadium so that GOD and Sam Austin can watch ‘our’ team, regardless of the outcome, as long as JESUS stays where HE is (unless called home prior) there will always be, “Wait ’til Next Year!” I am thankful that we don’t have to wait, at all, for that wonderful gift of eternal life among GOD’s Cheering Section, on the day that our ticket is punched, donchaknow?  That’s what is in My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

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