How Important is Honesty

“To Tell The Truth” appears to be only the title of a long-ago television game show.  According to polls, honesty on the part of an individual is not as important as “leadership”.  If I were to be totally honest (there’s that word again), my checkerboard job history was mostly due to a total lack of honesty on the part of management.  That doesn’t make me right, but it does make me truthful.  In the minds of others, all those folks in charge were outstanding ‘leaders’.  Either that or compliant. I know it will never come to pass, but it would be interesting if people lived an honest life with discernment and courage to pick and choose only those people who lived honest, God-fearing, courageous lives, donchaknow.   I am a sucker for fiction that is based on events in our Nation’s Capital.  It distresses me to find that very few of the ‘good’ guys believe in GOD and they make it pretty plain in what they say.  I have found a source of fiction that has “Christian” characters and most come up to the creative genius of the popular mystery writers of the day.  (If you’ve not read the “Mitford Series” by Jane Karon, you’ve missed a blessing). I pray that Stone Barrington, Jack Reacher, James Bond and Virgil Flowers would experience an epiphany, but that’s about all I can do.  Of course, it’s all  up to the writer.  I’ve written to those folks, but they probably didn’t get my letter. Meet you at the Mercy Seat.  And that’s just what I get from My Box of Chocolates.      AMEN

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