Thanks for the Memories

So many things to be thankful for this year.  First of all, to enjoy another year with family and friends.  It is difficult for me to allow my years to impede my desire to do stuff, but GOD has provided the strength to be ‘big’ about it.  My days begin with a “Thank You, GOD”.  It isn’t for just another day, but another day to do something about miseries and hurts around the world.  Waterwader is a blessing. Those of you who come in for a visit are a special blessing.  Each day is filled with a bunch of good stuff that exceeds my worthiness.  I can’t carry a tune anymore, but there’s always a song in my heart.  Most of all, I thank my GOD and my LORD JESUS CHRIST for a haven of rest when the storms of life rage. They seem to rage a bunch more these days, but. as Bud Sellers would say, “‘hit don’ mek no diff’runce!” …and it doesn’t, donchaknow.  We will join our Carolina Clan for a Thanksgiving Gathering and I shall stand tall and true in my Dallas Cowboy “authentic Roger Staubach ’12’ Super Bowl jersey” as all around shout, “Go Panthers!”.  These fine folks will never understand, regardless of the score, My AGGIES nor MY COWBOYS have never been beat!  That’s just what I get from My Box of Chocolates!  Hush, Jerry!! AMEN

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