The Eye in the Sky

Well, I threw it out there and got reaction, so it will probably be just a ‘wanna-be’.  My few seconds of imagination of my ‘drone’ has lapsed. Two comments from two to whom I listen, has convinced me that doing so would place me in closer scrutiny, when added to some of my ‘comments’, by the BIG Eye in the Sky.  It will be more prudent to keep a low profile with just an occasional nudge at the envelope, donchaknow.  I don’t need a hassle with mostly unreasonable ‘hotshots’ since they set the rules.  It has never been my intent to use my drone as a ‘creepy peeper’.  I would never fly over a neighbor’s fence while they were sunbathing, nor would you ever find my drone hovering outside someone’s window.  What I would most definitely do is follow MAX  or MattieT just to be sure that our Invisible Fence is effective. (HE is doing nicely, but ‘miss priss’ seems to have taken an interest in the two French Bulldogs that moved in next door. MAX minds very well and is fairly quiet (except for neighbors out walking, our postman, landscaper, Brown, FedEx or when the kids come over and when Susan gets home).  Miss MattieT ‘yaps’, gets him started barking and sits back to watch him get into trouble. It is entertaining to see a ‘growl’ from her 11-pound body,  stop his 75-pound advance.  So, you see there WAS some justification of my ‘wanna’ and I would have signed an agreement of stipulation of limits, but we’ll leave ‘droning’ to Big Brother and other ‘creeps’.  Thank you for caring!  Yours are the Very Best, right behind MY LORD!   AMEN

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