The Builder

 And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.” (Philippians 1:6 ESV)

I love this verse in the Bible. It is most uplifting for those of us who stumble in our faith.  It makes it so easy to ‘get on with the getting on’.  It says that our shortcomings are inconsequential when compared to the power of the ONE who made us. Stumbling is provided for, but there comes a time when ‘No More’ has to come to pass on our part.  Another ‘enlightenment’ comes in Psalm 119:105. “Thy Word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.”(NIV)   We can know the right road to take without tripping over doubt.     I love to build model planes. It is a HOOT to have my latest delivered and once the box is opened,  it is my responsibility to follow the directions. I learned the hard way when ‘getting ahead’ and connecting the wrong pieces together was really dumb.  It is also a great study in patience. At first, I would rush through construction, but now it is more fun to do a bit-at-a-time. Besides it comes out much better when care is taken.  I have quite an ‘air force’ of fighters and bombers from all our wars. They are all over my house.  Sometimes I just sit and look at the shelves and imagine how thrilling it must have been to fly one.  After high school graduation, I wanted to volunteer for the Air Force and all went well up until that blasted page of colored dots!!  When asked, “What do you see?”, I proudly said, “Onions”!  The doctor looked at me, sadly, and said, “Next”!  At that time the only place for one colorblind was as a forward observer being piloted in a small, slow single-wing, looking through binoculars to spot camouflage. Did I mention, “Slow?” and “Low?”  I chose to go to college and was one of those ‘notch’ folks who just missed being called up. So, I build my own and love doing so.  If some company ever offers a ‘kit’ for a drone, I just might get one of those, donchaknow.  Again, there is place of quiet rest and sweet relief. It’s ‘Near to the Heart of GOD’ and always close by.  GOD IS LOVE!   AMEN

2 thoughts on “The Builder

  1. NIce as always. But heed Susan’s cautionary question. Next thing we know you will be building a real drone and using it to blow leaves out if your gutters like Crankshaft in the comics today. Blessings in you two!


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