Name That Tune

Do you ever have a melody running through your mind, over and over? It just may be due to the years I spent in and around music, but I experience this constantly. My repertoire runs the gambit from popular to religious. I hardly ever get classical symphonics or modern rock. Hymns and praise songs come most frequently, but after finding ‘country’ on RFD, I get a little Eddie Arnold, Ray Price or Earnest Tubbs. Music has been my life. I’ve never had much luck in composing anything other than arrangements of another’s creation, but when composition programs were made available for my PC, I spent a lot of time doing that. I even had an online ‘music class’ for a time. That was a HOOT for me, but had very little action otherwise. I have discs with some of the lessons around somewhere, but I let “The Music Room With Mr. A” go years ago. I doubt that there is any living person who does not enjoy some type of music. Modern attraction to ‘rhythmic speech’ escapes me. Like the old commercial “Where’s the Beef?”, I ask, “Where’s the Melody?” The instrument elementary students use is the Recorder and is probably the nearest thing we have to the original musical instrument. It was probably a hollow section of reed with tiny holes, blown carefully over a reed or thin bark on one end. These instruments were limited to no more that five or six different tones or pitches. Pope Gregory is credited with the first ‘notation’ of music and also the composition of many early musical choruses utilized in ancient liturgy. They were named ‘Gregorian Chants’ in his honor. His notations were all over the place instead of utilizing the five lines and four spaces of today’s musical score. Music has only seven ‘notes’, A B C D E F & G (continues by repeating an ‘octave'(eight tones**). I am so glad that GOD likes ‘harmony’, aren’t you?  And, one more thing: Music is ‘scientific math’ with specific structure, the same world-wide. It IS the universal language, donchaknow. “Without a Song, a road would never end”. Thank GOD for the Music of LIfe!  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates, today.  AMEN

** example of two octaves: A B C D E F G A B C D E F G etc.

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