When Black is White

There’s a bunch of silver in President Obama’s hair. It is good that he doesn’t use Grecian Formula so that we can see that the stress and pressure of being ‘the most powerful man in the world’ carries consequences. I have a not-so-PC observation about that. What would his hair be like had he followed the leadership of GOD our Father? Probably about the same, but at least he wouldn’t turn grey from sleepless nights. You and I are nudged softly when we do or say bad stuff. With all the directives that come from the Oval Office, surely there are some that result in GOD’s elbow poked into POTUS’ ribs too. I find myself being very critical of Obama. I do not share his vision for my country, but I also am guilty of failure to pray for him and all those who sit in seats of power on Capital Hill. Only GOD can change a heart and that heart must be willing to change, but we still must rely on GOD’s response to our prayers. “It Is No Secret, What GOD Can Do!” That’s what comes from my Box of Chocolates.
(correction: Wild Bill Hickock in “Calamity Jane” was portrayed by Teddie Davis, not Thomas. I don’t recall Thomas)

One thought on “When Black is White

  1. Obama was a failure the day he took office if not before and has only become more glaringly arrogant and irresponsible since!!
    I know Thomas, he was very doubting!!! LOL
    Pray for France and for our leaders to join wholeheartedly with the fight to exterminate the animals that would perpetrate such terror wherever they may hide!!!


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