Pop Graham, Duncan Thompson, Sam Parker, Trudi Hardeway and Lenora Sanders

Mount Pleasant High School was filled with personalities. Miss Harbour and Miss Midget were of interest for mode of dress and interest in senior boys. Miss Harbour was my typing teacher who dressed like in the frontier days. She didn’t like boys, but made it easier for the girls in the class to get better scores in speed tests. I must have typed “A ; s l f j g k” a hundred times and it still rings in my ears. Miss Midget just liked the senior boys. Four of us were advanced to senior math from the 9th grade and if it had not been for Gerry Brogoitti and Lynn Keith, we guys would still be repeating Algerbra. Miss Midget totally ignored us and for that I will be eternally grateful. Pop Graham taught Geometry and Gerry saved my bacon in that class. Pop Graham was one of those unique personalities with tics and habits that were easy to mimic. Geometry class was just before lunch and every day someone would burst forth with some hilarious observation of something Pop would do. Those moments of fun ceased the day that Pop had lunch at a table just behind Charlie Meyer. I was sitting across from him when he went into a ‘Pop’ routine. No amount of signals would stop Charlie and as each of us ducked our heads, Pop spoke up with, “Very good, Master Meyer, perhaps you would grace us with another redition during class tomorrow.” With contrite heart, Charlie apologized to Mr. Graham after school and that dear man forgave him and
never said another word about it. I never felt good about making fun of another after that. Duncan Thompson was our band director who wore a hat all the time. He was a former Royal Air Force fighter pilot who was very slender. We thought he wore the hat because he looked like Frank Sinatra. Sam Parker was my boxing coach; Trudi Hardeway was our favorite Junior High teacher and Lenora Sanders was my mentor. Many of us in the 1949 graduating class were taught by teachers who grew up with our parents. That fact curtailed much of our creative mischief. Whenever we did so our parents had a full report that night. Bummer. I am fortunate in that I have had some outstanding teachers. As I attempted to later be like them, I grew to respect them more and more. My only regret is that I didn’t do my utmost as a student. They deserved my best and I would have undoubtedly been a better person. Sometimes just being ‘good’ isn’t good enough, later on. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. Remember, “GODs GRACE is Sufficient!” AMEN

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