Pedestals Aren’t for People

Champions are winners and winners have the most to lose, donchaknow. In sports, the next level for the elite is loaded with other elites and those elites have the experience that makes the playing field seem up hill. We place people on pedestals and that is a bit unfair. Athletes seem to suffer the most. Competition takes a toll and the more the wins the more the opposition. Look at the expression on the faces of players who are used to winning, when the score doesn’t favor their team. The most terrible feeling must come with a fumble lost or an interception made. I hurt for those who have a ball right in their hands that falls incomplete. It is impressive that their team mates do not make it an issue. It must be difficult to prepare outstanding figures for losses. Having the first pick in the draft has to result in mixed emotions,but not repeating as the ultimate champion has to be the worst. I am an avid football fan. Other sports are OK, but only when the ‘pigskin’ is involved am I truly excited. You know for whom I cheer and I have favorites from each of those teams and as my Texas Aggies matriculate upward into the Pros, I can pull for other than the Cowboys and Soul. I have made every effort to place only busts on pedestals and leave the utmost to GOD and HIS SON. After all the hurtful disappointment following being outscored, I Praise My Heavenly Father for all HE has done. Doing so renews my spirit and makes it possible to face whatever, whenever. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates, ’cause Everything is Beautiful! AMEN

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