Uh Oh!

I enjoyed a pretty good career in broadcasting, both radio and television. Even though I understand what makes both entertainment mediums affordable is the purchase of time by sponsors. Yet, I am guilty of utilizing the FFWD button on my remote. Now, I see TIVO has marketed a gizmo that does that fast-forward for us, automatically. Today, I promise to allow ‘all’ commercials to run and promise to watch them. Why? It’s simple. If business doesn’t pay to run our favorite shows, then our favorite shows must be “pay-per-view”. My monthly television bill is already a choker and our budget simply cannot stand even five-dollars per showing of “Blue Bloods”,”The Blacklist”,”Blindspot”,”Madame Secretary”,”Hell on Wheels”, “Masterpiece Theater”,”The Americans”,”Fargo” and, of course, Cowboy, Panther, Browns and Aggie football (NFL “Sunday Ticket” is expensive, but the Panthers are never blacked out) Susan likes “60 Minutes” and I watch Bret Baier and Charles Krauthammer on Fox. Even with the purchase of  season pass, the cost of all those games would break the bank without sponsors.  I am certain there will be a plethora of folks who will buy the gizmo from TIVO, but I surely do not want it to result in “pay-per-view”, donchaknow. Besides, some of the commercials are more entertaining that the program around them. That’s what I get from my Box of Chocolates. GOD Bless! AMEN

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