And Nothing But the Truth…

Something stinks! We live near the world’s largest compost pile and for a time,when the wind was right, Charlotte wasn’t as nice as we wanted. The folks on that farm did a pretty good job of cleaning up and we hardly know they’re there anymore. I wish all the rhetoric perpetrating the atmosphere during campaigns didn’t smell so bad. We’ve been treated to the same promises, by some of the same folk, for a long time and the detritus of their speeches smells so bad, it clogs a sunny day. Empty promises are not the most disappointing, though. The confusion that results from too many with too much time to play with facts and bend truth results in a tangled mess. Every day there is more of the same tangled mess that piles on the other tangled mess and..well, you get the picture. What ever happened to Randolph Scott? I am disgusted with an election process that seems to hand the office to the individual with the best press and most vocal supporters. I find it rather interesting that when a candidate with a famous name and the biggest ‘war chest’ doesn’t break into the top ten in the polls. (Speaking of polls, we get a pile of mail from those running in a single party, but never has my phone rung for a survey) I do not contribute because I don’t know what my few dollars are buying. I might change my mind when I see evidence of sweeping out the garbage pile of broken promises and have honest representation without dishonesty. GOD, please raise up men and women of integrity whose YES is YES and whose NO is NO and what comes out of their mouths is Nothing But The Truth! AMEN

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