A Deeper Cut

At the onset, I am certain that GOD is real and the Creator of all things past, present and future. I believe the words within the Holy Bible are GOD-inspired and are ‘all the Truth’ we need. I believe what GOD inspired men to write does not have any other meaning than the essence of what is said, therefore, I have come to this conclusion:

GOD gave every man, woman and child, FREE WILL. GOD gives us freedom of choice as to, in Whom and in What, we believe.  GOD gives us freedom of choice as to what we put on, and into, our bodies.  GOD has provided each of us opportunity to live our life as we please and to determine for ourselves, our destiny. GOD gives us the freedom to take or make a life. GOD gives life to people and then steps back to observe what they do with that gift.  GOD doesn’t cause us to sin, but HE doesn’t take away our choice to do so.  GOD does not want anyone to ‘perish’, but HE allows everyone the right to decide the issue for themselves. GOD created each of us for a purpose, but HE doesn’t force into serving that purpose. GOD is LOVE, but HE doesn’t force us to love.  GOD doesn’t tempt, but HE does give us the choice of how we respond to temptation and HE does provide strength to resist.  GOD hears the prayer of HIS Children.  GOD has provided everyone of us an invitation to be adopted into HIS family. GOD doesn’t charge for accepting HIS invitation.  The price has already been paid-in-full. I am in full agreement with GOD in respect for everyone the right to choose HIS WAY or the Highway.  Driving Directions are in every book of The Bible, donchaknow.

I wager my entire life on these beliefs! That’s what I get from my Box of Chocolates. mmmmhmmmm, GOOD!  AMEN

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