Cowboy Boots

I will never forget my first pair of cowboy boots. I must have been ten or so and felt like “Johnny Buck Autry and his horse Silver Nitrate”. I would have slept in them had it been allowed. I really like to wear boots. They are most comfortable, if they have a medium heel. I had never thought about boots until the show. My pair were light tan lizzard by Nocona that the company paid over $100 in 1978. I wore those boots for over 900 shows. They scuffed up but still comfortable when the show closed. I really wanted those boots and my hat, but never pushed the issue. When I had my Blue Eagle 150cc Scooter, I had some heavy duty boots, but they weren’t the cowboy variety. I’ve not had cause to wear them since I became a former bike rider. Even though it was my idea to sell my Blue Eagle and even though my balance was not the best, I miss my bike a lot. Through cautious, ever alert watching the other guy, riding that scooter was a HOOT. It was like it was freedom to move round, just me and my Eagle. I will always count that as a blessing-time. It’s probably good that I don’t have the means, or I would buy an electric Trike (1000W, three-wheeler with a huge basket). That just shows that there is still the flame of ‘dare’ in my heart. I know it doesn’t make sense, but it is a fact. As long as GOD leaves me on this earth, I will enjoy every second in my “Love House” and chase my Big Ole Red Dog and Miss MattieT. I am totally unworthy of the blessings GOD has bestowed on me, but I will respectfully bask in it’s GLORY, donchaknow. That’s another goodie that comes out of my Box of Chocolates. Have you ever heard, “All Hail KING JESUS”? It’s a Glory, Hallelujah Great Song! AMEN

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