Home Town Radio

KIMP, Mount Pleasant, hit the airwaves in the late 40’s. I believe it had a daytime power of 1Kw and a nighttime power of much less. Between jobs, we moved back home and I took an announcing job there. KIMP was a ‘family-owned’ entity of the Winston Ward family. He was a stickler about ‘modulation’. Most radio stations were equipped with a modulation limiter that prevented ‘overmodulation’. We worked with a control board that had a modulation meter that showed the level of output. Broadcasters were ‘never’ to allow the fluctuating needle to go and stay in the ‘red’. (today output is indicated by led lights) In all my years on-air, I never ‘over-modulated’, especially at KIMP.  My time was ‘mid-day’, 10am to 3pm. Winston’s sister, Ruby Stanley, was the station manager and News Reporter for our ‘Local News’.  She took a few days off and assigned me to cover for her. Upon her return, she received many comments as to her finding an excellent news reporter.  Winston ‘had to let me go due to over-modulation’, but later he admitted that  ‘Miss Ruby’ demanded I be let go. So much for fair play and all that. Over my ensuing years, whenever I ‘covered’ for full-timers, I made it a practice to just get through the hours. It worked out well for over 45-years. I also learned the truth about fame – -audiences are fickle and there’s always a newcomer that becomes their favorite.  That’s the way GOD keeps us humble, donchaknow.  This way, HE keeps us conscious of things that are temporal.  AMEN

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