Which a’Way?

There is nothing more unsettling than being lost.  Even with the GPS, traveling over a long distance can be a bit scary.  For years, we had traveled to Mount Pleasant from Bryan and back. But a year or so ago, we were going from Mount Pleasant to Bryan and I had no idea how to get through Palestine, and it quickly became unpleasant. For years, I simply drove through Pittsburg, Gilmer, Big Sandy, Tyler and in Palestine and turned at a familiar corner and headed south on 155.  This time there was a ‘by-pass’ and it didn’t seem to have an exit that went south toward Bryan.  We asked several for help, but none did so until we stopped at a convenience store and was put on the right path. Being lost is a bummer. It can cause one’s blood pressure to go out of sight and result in some pretty tacky talk, donchaknow.  Today, we hardly go anywhere without GPS. It would have made my life better back in my driving days.  I’ve not been lost and not know which way to go often, but those times it happened have not been good memories at all.  On our trip east from Las Vegas to Charlotte, our GPS didn’t have the changes in bypassing Phoenix. That was not good at all. The Bible says that the only way to eternity with GOD is through CHRIST JESUS and I remember the first time I realized I was LOST. It was on a Sunday morning, from my seat at the end of row three center at First Baptist Church, Mount Pleasant, Texas when I accepted the Greatest Gift of all.  Just as many others, I’ve wandered away and done some bad stuff, but GOD, in HIS INFINITE MERCY has welcomed me back, every time. We Who Know The Truth must never cease to pray for others to find their way.  Someone once said that “Home is the place where they have to take you in”.  I fear there are too many alive today who think their good deeds and upstanding life will allow them into the Eternal Home with GOD. There are many more who have no clue because no one has gotten their attention with the TRUTH.  JESUS tells us that the field is white to harvest and the workers are few.  May we who remain be among those who toil to the end.  Every person’s final trip is either good or bad for a long time.  AMEN


I wrote a short story, “My Name is Percy” in 1995. It sat in my file drawer until 2012 when I published it on AMAZON. It is about to be taken off the shelf on December 12.  I would appreciate your purchase for only $1.19. Proceeds will be donated to New Life Ministries and my friend Stephen Arterburn.


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