Thank You, Officer!

Every Policeman deserves respect if for no other reason than to put on a uniform and stand in the gaps of the wall of security. I would like to see every American take time to say “Thank You!” every time we are in a place to do so. At a traffic light, simply give a thumbs up. when meeting an officer anywhere, simply say “Thank You, Officer”. Goodness knows they are hearing a lot of other kinds of greetings. As a teacher, I was humbled and inspired when a parent took time to express appreciation of my effort to teach a child. Back in those days, it wasn’t necessary to wait until “Open House” to do so. Those expressions of appreciation inspire a person who serves to do a better and more complete job. I miss those days and am remiss in not expressing my gratitude to those who continue to serve today. (I also miss the home made English Toffee Mrs. Alan Kraft always brought to my home around Christmas time) What a difference those moments made in my life. They are a source of ‘warm fuzzies’ even now. Just in case we fail to understand the real reason those who serve us. It’s not for the money. It’s because they care enough to give their very best for us! Give a Cop a Thumbs Up next chance you get and let me know the response you get in return. Amen? AMEN

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