Tacky Thoughts

Recovering from the challenge of consuming every delicious morsel on my Thanksgiving plate, I come to some uncharacteristically tacky thoughts:

  • If Hillary were playing Bridge, she would constantly bid “No Trump”.
  • If JED could, he would probably change his last name to “Nonbush”.
  • If I were running his campaign, I would suggest “Let Cruz Control” as a slogan.
  • “Gentle Ben, the sharpest knife in the drawer.”
  • “Whoopie, Ti Yi Yo, you belong, Fiorina”
  • “Sanders will make things smoother.”
  • “Turn the Rubio on”.
  • “Christi will ‘bridge’ gaps.”
  • “Rid the ‘mistakes’. Let Graham Cracker!”

I know, I know, it isn’t worthy of a read, but it clears the air and gives me a giggle.  After all, GOD has an interesting sense of humor, donchaknow.  Enjoy the meaning of this season and forgive me for ‘getting’ This One from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

What’s In Your Safe?

William Devane is one of my favorite Actors. He is featured in television commercials that espouse purchase of gold and silver.  His ‘slogan’ is a take-off of Capitol One’s “What’s in your wallet?”  William is very effective in his quiet delivery and persona.  If I were to be in the market, I would certainly consider Lear Capital.  I have learned from personal experience, that there is no guaranteed ‘safety’ for anyone.  Financially nor Physically, there is no safeguard that will totally protect me from crooks or calamity.  I do not fear for my life since it’s guaranteed to end anyway.  I am not listed in Forbes and will most likely not be a target for bad guys.  Every morning I awaken and Thank GOD for His Mercy and Grace, but I do not take the day for granted. I just do not fear death. I do not fear the loss of any earthly possessions,  they aren’t mine anyway since everything belongs to HIM.  The one Truth I can share with those who live in fear for their lives and the loss of ‘stuff’, “No one other than GOD can assure our security!” The Bible says that once we die there is Judgement by HIS microscope and it will not miss one iota of behavior.  GOD is the final Judge and only GOD can determine the sentence for our SIN.  Nothing we can do will save us from eternal damnation, EXCEPT, the ACCEPTANCE of HIS Offer of Mercy, Grace and Forgiveness through the sacrifice of innocent life by JESUS CHRIST!  Every living person who has watched a football game has seen the signs that say,”John 3:16″.  Not everyone has taken time to find out what that means and then read that passage.  It says it all, donchaknow.  It provides the secret of ETERNAL security that everyone is seeking.  It is GOD’s promise and it contains the menu for eternal security of life and that eases my mind and calms my quivers.  It is hard for me to understand why it is so difficult to accept, but it is and that’s too bad. Bad things are going to happen and can happen to any of us, so as the Boy Scouts say, “Be Prepared”, OK?    That is a very large selection from My Box of Chocolate.   AMEN

Rough and Ready

Out numbered and out scored, but unbeaten.  We shall never ‘be licked’ ’cause when the going gets rough, the rough gets going.  The heck with torpedoes, full speed ahead.  Bloody, but unbowed.  Standing Tall when all around is falling. Bring ‘it’ on ’cause ‘it’ don’ mek no dif’unce.  I shall never walk alone through an abusive, abrasive bunch of blue and black, but walk proudly, with head high, wearing my number “12” Authentic, Roger Staubach, Super Bowl Jersey and groan quietly as the intense pain of  the ‘crunching’ of our supreme leader.  It was no surprise that Tony took a tumble to the turf.  It had to be difficult to return to the  field after weeks of rehab and throw those other guys  scoring passes, then be slammed to the ground on that same shoulder for a man in his thirties.  The blue and black mob was respectful of my sensitivity, even though they were very loud during the melee.  There are more important things to think about on Thanksgiving than a Dallas Cowboy football game, but ever since there is a hole in the roof of the stadium so that GOD and Sam Austin can watch ‘our’ team, regardless of the outcome, as long as JESUS stays where HE is (unless called home prior) there will always be, “Wait ’til Next Year!” I am thankful that we don’t have to wait, at all, for that wonderful gift of eternal life among GOD’s Cheering Section, on the day that our ticket is punched, donchaknow?  That’s what is in My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

What is Thanksgiving?

It is difficult for me to believe that there are grown men and women who have idea as to what “Thanksgiving” is all about.  I just saw one of those ‘street interviews’ that asked shoppers about the day and some didn’t even know what it was.  I must admit, this disturbs me.  How can an American not know what “Thanksgiving” is all about, after all, it’s only been around since the Pilgrims landed on our shores.  I shouldn’t be too surprised since these ‘man-on-the-street’ interviews seem to reveal just what people do not know and really don’t seem to be concerned that they do not know.  I remember, back years ago, when a teacher told me that he didn’t teach about the Civil War. I asked, “Why?”.  “Our youngsters don’t like war”, he replied. If other teachers determined to ‘pick-and-chose’ what they taught, it is no wonder that people have matriculated through our entire education program in total ignorance.  I’ve gotten pretty smart in my twilight years…I am totally Thankful, every second of every day for GOD and HIS provision.  Should I begin to write the things I am truly Thankful For, the list would reach from here to way, way out there, over and over, from North to South and then some, donchaknow.  To You and Yours, may I say, “Happy Thanksgiving”, from our house to yours!  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates!   AMEN

In WHOM do we trust?

As families gather around the table of bounty with bowed heads, giving thanks, to WHOM are we expressing our gratitude?  That  delicious spread has been provided through the Grace of a Supreme Being.  Each of us must determine to WHOM do we truly give thanks for all that is ours to enjoy. Bowed heads in a moment of thankfulness makes a very nice picture that thrills my heart.  The prayer that is said, by one or all, goes somewhere, but only from a heart that is contrite and filled with ‘shock-and-awe’ for the marvelous Provider for all that is good and perfect, will that uttered get higher than the ceiling.  That’s what I believe and whom I have placed MY Trust. I shall smell the aroma of good food, feel the warmth of good fellowship and stand with bowed head to the ONE GOD who made it all. The ONE GOD whose Mercy and Grace has provided ‘account paid in full‘ for the sum and total of my sin-past,present and future-through the sacrificial obedience of JESUS CHRIST, my Lord.  Happy Thaksgiving! May MY GOD, in Whom I Trust, Bless you, each and every one.  HE knows my heart and the fullness of my love for each of you.  That’s what I get from My Box of Thanksgiving Chocolates.  AMEN

How Important is Honesty

“To Tell The Truth” appears to be only the title of a long-ago television game show.  According to polls, honesty on the part of an individual is not as important as “leadership”.  If I were to be totally honest (there’s that word again), my checkerboard job history was mostly due to a total lack of honesty on the part of management.  That doesn’t make me right, but it does make me truthful.  In the minds of others, all those folks in charge were outstanding ‘leaders’.  Either that or compliant. I know it will never come to pass, but it would be interesting if people lived an honest life with discernment and courage to pick and choose only those people who lived honest, God-fearing, courageous lives, donchaknow.   I am a sucker for fiction that is based on events in our Nation’s Capital.  It distresses me to find that very few of the ‘good’ guys believe in GOD and they make it pretty plain in what they say.  I have found a source of fiction that has “Christian” characters and most come up to the creative genius of the popular mystery writers of the day.  (If you’ve not read the “Mitford Series” by Jane Karon, you’ve missed a blessing). I pray that Stone Barrington, Jack Reacher, James Bond and Virgil Flowers would experience an epiphany, but that’s about all I can do.  Of course, it’s all  up to the writer.  I’ve written to those folks, but they probably didn’t get my letter. Meet you at the Mercy Seat.  And that’s just what I get from My Box of Chocolates.      AMEN

Without “88” where would we b

Music is just about the best gift the gifted give  us.  GOD placed a special gift in everyone to Glorify HIM and edify the body.  Music is precious if it is uplifting. Uplifting is a matter of interpretation, but to me it paints a beautiful picture of something old and new. As I approach this time of Thanksgiving, I am reminded of the special, talented people who make the “88” come alive.  In the entertainment field, my favorite is Charlie Shaffer.  His piano virtuosity has thrilled thousands for many years. Charlie is a very special friend.  He also is one of the most gentlemanly folks I know.  If you’ve never heard what Charlie can do, check out his offerings and news on the web(www.charlieshaffer.com). (When you read “About”, I am listed in “and others”)  Alongside Charlie, may I say “Thank YOU” to all the talented masters of the “88” who have graced my life. There are simply too many to mention, but they know who and when and why I love them so.  Oh, I’d best explain to those who may not know, the “88” to which I refer is the piano keyboard. Other than the electric ones, a piano has 88 keys, some black and some white and the white ones are all in the key of C major. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates, donchaknow.  Listen to Charlie and be Thankful to GOD for ears.  AMEN

Look at what happens when old Truths are forgotten

It is of concern that America is moving toward Anarchy. Erroneous messages from our government have brought about a deep hopelessness that con only result in unrest. I believe people have been made puppets, looking to Washington for every want, thinking ‘wants’ were their needs and deserves. I would never have believed that a group of athletes, who were recipients of a full scholarship at a major university, would revolt, refuse to fulfill their obligation and result in uncontrolled demonstrations that cause the President and other officials to lose their jobs. Something has gone very wrong, here. We are not privy to all the facts, but at sometime, someone should have seen a racial problem and begun to deal with it, quietly and quickly. It seems that everything is a matter of “race”. We’ve not moved away from seeing a person’s color before listening to that person’s voice. Violence does not always stem from the color of one’s skin.  All of it is a reflection of the blackness of one’s soul.  It’s called SIN and it’s been our nature since birth.  We blame things and others for our misdeeds and as Pogo said, years ago in a cartoon: “We have met the enemy and he is US!”  Laws were never intended to take the place of responsibility.  America is regressing in maturity. “The Devil Made Me Do It” didn’t work in the Garden of Eden and it will not work in the Final Judgement (and there will be a final judgement, donchaknow).  Finally, Gun Laws will never stop gun violence, but a change of heart in the gun-HOLDER, certainly will.  And, that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  “Into my heart, into my heart, come into my heart LORD JESUS. Come in today, come in to stay. Come into my heart, LORD JESUS!”    AMEN

Thanks for the Memories

So many things to be thankful for this year.  First of all, to enjoy another year with family and friends.  It is difficult for me to allow my years to impede my desire to do stuff, but GOD has provided the strength to be ‘big’ about it.  My days begin with a “Thank You, GOD”.  It isn’t for just another day, but another day to do something about miseries and hurts around the world.  Waterwader is a blessing. Those of you who come in for a visit are a special blessing.  Each day is filled with a bunch of good stuff that exceeds my worthiness.  I can’t carry a tune anymore, but there’s always a song in my heart.  Most of all, I thank my GOD and my LORD JESUS CHRIST for a haven of rest when the storms of life rage. They seem to rage a bunch more these days, but. as Bud Sellers would say, “‘hit don’ mek no diff’runce!” …and it doesn’t, donchaknow.  We will join our Carolina Clan for a Thanksgiving Gathering and I shall stand tall and true in my Dallas Cowboy “authentic Roger Staubach ’12’ Super Bowl jersey” as all around shout, “Go Panthers!”.  These fine folks will never understand, regardless of the score, My AGGIES nor MY COWBOYS have never been beat!  That’s just what I get from My Box of Chocolates!  Hush, Jerry!! AMEN

Never Alone, yet still Lonely

One of the worst fits of depression is being among a group of people, yet have a sense of loneliness.  There is an old praise song that is a favorite of mine.  I first found it in the “Low Voice” series of solos.  The chorus says:

“Never Alone, because I know my LORD is near me.  Never Alone, HE’s always standing by; JESUS has promised to take my hand and guide me. Never Alone, no Never Alone am I”

“I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.” – John 14:18

“Will Not” means “Never”. “Never” means always and forever.  I suffered from ‘loneliness’ for many years due to whatever ‘bi-polar’ is.  My sense of claustrophobia among people made me want to draw back, within. I thought I was anti-social when all along it was chemical imbalance. Now, with my ‘sweet pills’, I can look outside my own pitiful self and sense the presence of a loving GOD whose patience and provision is all anyone needs to never be lonely again.  I know things are somewhat better around the house because the storm that was the ‘man’ is now a calming little bit of sunshine, donchaknow.  (If I could only control my clutter!) That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN