I have a problem with Halloween

While my children were growing up, the family participated on October 31st, but as they grew up, it was simply a dish of candy at the door for ‘Trick-or-Treaters’. Now, I take care of the ‘callers’ and Susan takes care of necessary costumes for Melanie’s youngsters. Every year brings about a new challenge from Duck Dynasty for him to Cartoon Characters for her. This year he will be a soccer star and she will be a kitty kat. Growing up, I was never concerned about Halloween. I had little knowledge of its origin. As I studied history, it became more evident that I would prefer NOT to participate, personally. I recall in the late seventies when there were some very pitiful people who spiked treats with razor blades and needles. I’ve not been comfortable with treats collected since then. It is a good practice to check the candy and whatever carefully and I’m sure parents are doing so. Here, there is a growth in families with children with an increase of ‘callers’ each year. There also is an increase in children from other areas of our city who call. I’ve not had one of these youngsters be disrespectful and that’s a HOOT. I don’t mind that there be few who come to my door since most candy comes in large packages and there’s always some M&Ms or Peanut-butter cups left over.
Perhaps the reason some children choose to not come up our driveway may be due to the deep rumbling bark of MAX and the treble yapping of MattieT,donchaknow. That’s what I get from my box of chocolates and I pray that yours comes home with some safe treats, too. Take Care and most of all, CARE! AMEN

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